Why Do Women Dream of a Cartier Diamond Ring?

The answer is very simple. Because every Cartier diamond ring is unique and special. And if the ring is an engagement ring, it makes their dream much more desirable.

Thanks to the company’s long history Cartier rings have become a symbol of commitment and love for those who are about to get married.

Designer Cartier diamond rings are probably ones of the best available. They’ve been running their business since 19th century and all this time they are making a lot of efforts to pleasure their customers. They were the first who began to use platinum in their engagement rings and that innovation moved their engagement rings onto a new level of beauty and quality.

Cartier diamond rings were the favorite ring for many European royalties and royalties from Middle East. Celebrities loved them as well. Such stars as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe loved to have them on their fingers. Modern celebrities try not to fall behind. The last famous story with celebrities and Cartier diamond rings was when Samantha Ronson gave Lindsay Lohan a $22000 diamond ring for her 22th birthday. They are not Elizabeth and Marilyn, but anyway…

The other reason of Cartier rings popularity is high requirements to diamond stones. They use only stones with no visible inclusions and size of more than .5 carats. Moreover diamonds have to be symmetrical and shiny enough to get to a Cartier diamond ring.

If you decide to buy a Cartier engagement ring for your beloved, you will have to make a tough decision: they come in different shapes and styles, different additional stones and pave settings which make then even more brilliant, and so on. And every ring has unique design, is balanced, and is as beautiful on a picture as it would be on a finger of the woman you love.

Another thing you should know is that it’s up to you to choose a metal for the designer wedding or engagement diamond ring you’d like to buy. You can choose from white and yellow gold and platinum. You make the order and in less than a month you get an excellent Cartier diamond ring.

You can buy Cartier engagement and wedding diamond rings at Cartier’s boutiques in most major cities of Canada and USA, such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Miami, Honolulu, Houston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and so on. You can also order a special catalog, which will help you to make a choice at home, sitting in your favorite armchair and not being annoyed by sometimes naughty salesmen.

And why do you or your beloved dream of a Cartier diamond ring? We’d like to hear your opinion!