Heritage of Colombia

Colombia, a country in South America, is known for its rich culture, most of the knowledge that the Colombians have is passed down from generations to generations. According to an old man who lives in Scottsdale senior living said that one of the essential heritages in Colombia is food. The country’s constant climate is favorable to the growth of vegetables and fruits all year long. The Colombians use the fresh produce as ingredients in their traditional cuisines.

If you are in Colombia, then you have to taste some of these fantastic dishes,

Bandeja Paisa

Also known as a workman’s platter because of the considerable portion served. The Bandeja paisa is a combination of fried plantain, crunchy chicharron (pork crackling), white rice, red beans arepa, minced beef, morcilla, and fresh avocado. With all that on the platter, they put a fried egg on top. People tend to order this platter as a full portion or half depending on their number.

Ajaico soup

It is a bowl of soup that consists of chicken, traditional herbs and three types of potatoes. The mountain region loves this soup because of the warmth it gave their bodies. The locals like to take this soup with white rice and a slice of avocado on the side.


The Colombians cook this meal by slowly roasting a pig for hours. The pig stuffed with green onions, rice, and yellow peas, is a mouthwatering sight. If you go to a party focusing on a traditional Colombian meal, then you will most likely find the Lechona as the main menu for the day.


It is a delicious soup made by mixing vegetables like potatoes, cilantro, yucca, corn, plantain, and to finish it off you can put in either fish chicken or beef.  White rice and a slice of avocado are the accompaniment.


This famous dish is usually made uniquely in Colombia; depending on the part of Colombia the ingredients used to make tamales can vary from one person to the next. Mostly the dough is filled with cheese, meats, vegetables, and fruit.

They are then wrapped and cooked in a plantain leaf. This method always gives it a unique and distinctive taste.


It is a meal that mostly made on the shores of the Caribbean coast. The dish consists of snails, sweet potatoes, fish, yucca white yams and white rice. You might think of snails and lose appetite, but the truth is that they are a delicacy among many people, Colombians being one of them.


Events like family gatherings are where meats like beef, sausages, pork cracklings chicken and pork are served in a big plate for everyone to share. It comes with arepas, corn, and plantain. People who are going to family functions and social events expect to have Fritanga as the meal of the day.

Colombia has a lot of other foods to offer, now that you have read about some of them it’s time to go there physically and taste them.

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