Diamond Engagment Rings And Their Cuts

When you’re looking for diamond engagment rings, there are a lot of things you should pay attention to to make sure that you buy the best quality diamond ring and the ring that your sweetheart would love.

Beside the color of the diamond, which is also a very important aspect you should consider, there’s another characteristic you should pay great attention to. It’s the cut (or style, or shape, or whatever you name it) of the stone.

The choice of the diamond cut for an engagement ring is very personal and depends on your own and your soon-to-be wife’s preferences, but statistically the majority of people buy rings with rounded or “ideal cut” diamonds. However, there are a lot of other cuts available.

Emerald cut. This diamond cut has a square or rectangular outline, and it gives the stone a unique optical appearance. The shape strongly highlights the color and clarity of the diamond.

Marquise cut. This cut maximises the carat-value and makes the diamond appear much larger than it is. One of the advantages of the marquise cut is that it makes the wearer’s finger appear slender and longer.

Cushion or pillow cut. This shape has a bit larger facets and rounded corners. It appear square but it doesn’t have sharp corners. It’s a very popular cut for engagement rings.

Heart shape. This one is very popular for its romantic look. It makes the engagement ring the most desirable thing a woman can have. The heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are usually more expensive, because of the special skills it needs to produce it, but such a ring is more than worth the money it costs.

Pear cut. Sometimes this cut is called a teardrop. It has a rounded edge and single point at the top. This cut is mostly used for earrings but it looks awesome in rings as well (and it gives a slimming effect on the fingers).

Radiant cut. Diamond engagement rings with a radiant cut have trimmed corners. They are quite popular because of their versatility, which allows to use them alongside other diamonds (in most cases, round side or baguette shaped diamonds).

Diamond engagment rings are very different, so you have to choose carefully and always pay attention to your beloved’s wishes.